No…Peace is Natural!

My mother taught French.  She traveled to France many times until she became fluent in French so she could be a better teacher, and because she loved studying languages .  Once she was even mistaken as a Parisian by tourists!  As far as the stereotype of French snobbery, I never once experienced it, EVER!  Of course my mother taught me to ask if someone spoke English and we always tried to learn new words anywhere we traveled.   When I think  of the violence that occurred in Paris and the way that travel to France has enriched my life and my mothers life, I cringe at the fact that another attack has occurred, and even more so at the fact that it was in Paris, a place that is a pinnacle of cultural and intellectual development.  As far as the question of violence being a part of human nature, I still say “no” adamantly!  Why then do we see so much violence in the world?  It is my perspective that for those of us that do not have a mental or character disorder it is not natural to be violent.  (In fact it isn’t natural for most people with mental or character disorders to be violent either.)   What brings about rage and hatred that some are willing to act upon?  Part of it comes from an unspoken or unacknowledged disparity, or the space between who we truly are and how we are “expected” to live.  Fundamentalist thinking can be a strong pull away from our true nature.  Clearly for some people this means learning to hate and/or kill from the get go.  This space between who we truly are and how we are conditioned to live does not have to be infiltrated or taken over by society or any collective ideas or conditioning about what is true, but it often is.  Charles Tart, PhD talks about this in his book titled Waking Up.  He identifies a phenomenon he calls a “conscensus trance” that we “cast our psychoenergetic vote” to be a part of.  This all happens unconsciously.   In other words there is unconscious conditioning that we consent to in some sort of numbness, apathy, or “trance.”  I see this “conscensus trance” as made possible by the 7 overarching illusions or the Life Addictions™ Course.  They are illusions that can create mental distortions and resulting chemical habits that we experience as so powerful we think they are real!  They may lead us to believe that  the way we think is “correct.”  There are more people today starting to talk about other possibilities! Although we may not be the majority, many of us are looking at what it’s like to accept differences in others.  Personally I am finding that it isn’t as threatening as I might have thought.  As I have examined the 7 illusions I uncovered, and allowed my energy to shift in each of them I can see that I no longer feel any sort of threat when someone has a different opinion or perspective than me.  However, most people have been conditioned to believe in this artificial “pressure cooker” created by believing distorted versions of the 7 illusions are real.  These people may also be so strongly conditioned to see “an enemy” that they attack even those who are not the “enemy,” or they justify that innocent people are a threat.   This is an example of distorted versions of the illusion of separation, the illusion of  control and the illusion of truth.   The time has come for us to see through our own beliefs and the power they hold.   This energy is available for us to use in new and different ways.  It may appear as though things are getting worse in the world when in fact we may be entering a new state we could call the beginnings of “Spiritual Sobriety”.  I know it may sound too hard, but this can even include sending love and compassion to those who perpetrated the attacks in Paris, as well as any and all “terrorist” attacks.  Of course we allow those who have been harmed and those who have lost loved ones their grief, shock, anger and rage at these occurrences.  We hold them in love and compassion no matter where we are on the planet, or how we may feel about the attacks.  Compassion has no limits.  It can be sent remotely (and outrage can fuel compassion.)  It is when we are not directly involved in these crises that we may be in a position to really help.  We are in a position to send our compassion to all involved even those who “perpetrated” these atrocities.  Anyone reading this who is unable to do this, that’s OK too.  We must “start where we are” and cultivate compassion for ourselves first.   We may feel saddened hurt, shocked, angry, or enraged ourselves.  The key is to honor whatever it is we feel.  We may feel our own losses or traumas re-triggered.  If we see terrorism as an opportunity to deepen our own healing from our own losses and tragedies, we are doing the world a big favor whether or not we realize it.  We can do some of the most good by simply accepting our feelings.  In some cases this will mean radical Acceptance which can lead to radical forgiveness.  This means we accept and forgive that which is unacceptable or unforgivable.  This does not mean we think or believe it is OK to act in violent ways, but we own our outrage.  We infiltrate the space between who we truly are and how we think we are supposed to live, by inserting something even more outrageous like radical, revolutionary compassion.   This bridges the gap and fuses us with our true nature.  We do this because we may be more able to do so when we are not directly hurt.  Or, we can tap into the times when we were directly hurt, and in our knowingness and empathy, send compassion to those who are hurt.  Even if we have no reference point for violence we can still send compassion even to those who have acted in violence.   Because we can see, at least to some extent, how horrible that must feel to be willing to end someone’s life based on a belief that such action is justified.  And even more important, we can see that the word belief means “absence of thought!”  This means that the beliefs that led to the attacks are not “real.”  Can you imagine how that must feel deep inside to know that you have perpetrated an act that ended people’s lives?  I feel bad because I got mad at my dog, an innocent bystander in my life!  Besides the promise of paradise, it is no wonder that suicide is part of the attacks because it decreases the possibility that awareness might enter at some later time which can fuel transformation of the beliefs that led to the attacks in the first place!  People can, and do, even transform in prison!  Epigenetics is showing us that the environment around us created by beliefs can either activate or deactivate the cell membrane in our DNA.  A “terrorist” that lives to transform their beliefs is an asset to the collective because it increases the chances of others waking up from this type of belief system.  However, there are also many young people in these cultures we tend to demonize who are also waking up from the get go and they are speaking up about not wanting to be engaging in violence.  They are also not renouncing their religions, but they are renouncing the need for violence in order to stay true to their beliefs.  This isn’t in the news enough….yet!  But look for it on You tube or Social Media!  It’s there.  There are sane people everywhere in every culture!  The time has come for us to connect and unite!!  Please see our FB page and comment or post!  Peace is Natural!  These days it requires us to be radical revolutionaries to stand in peace because it is our true nature.  There are enough of us with pacifist  tendencies to counter, or transmute these unnatural acts of violence because that is the nature of consciousness.  Once consciousness rises to encompass All That Is there is no stopping the this force.  It has a physics of its own that is far more powerful than we realize!

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