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Unlimited Psychology, LLC was created to help people see beyond what they believe are their limitations.  In the process I discovered a framework of illusions, or false beliefs that most of us have accepted without question.  This was the beginning of the Living Beyond Life Addictions™ Course.   These stuck places act as pathways, or channels that also contain the keys, or potential for us to unlock energy that has been trapped in deception through false beliefs.  These pathways can instead be opened to freedom and wholeness.  The time has come for us to take a deeper look at how the way we live creates distance from our true selves. In fact it’s simple, but may not feel easy at first, to create a life that is based on being true to ourselves versus doing what we think we need to do to survive.  We Have The Power to Transform Any Negative Emotion!

You Are Intrinsically Healthy

There are no diagnoses with this method.    There is nothing “wrong” with you    We free energy caught up in the disparity between who we truly are and how we live.   We can learn to no longer “leave ourselves” in order to “make it” in the world

You Find Your own Answers

The days of someone else knowing you or what you need better than you know yourself are gone!

Discover, Reclaim Your Wholeness…It is already here…NOW

You are the creator of your life.  There is some new age mythology here as well.  Life can be a trap society has placed us in.  Open the trap door and Free yourself from the pressures of having to conform.

Emerging From the Confines of “should”

Make your life something that is in alignment rather than living in synch with ideas that do not support who you are.
The Illusion of Subservience

The Illusion of Subservience

Believing that we are somehow beneath another because they seem to have access to knowledge, power, or abilities that we do not is the illusion of subservience. We might even feel we need to obey or follow them. I’m not saying this to offend anyone, but we are often...

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The Illusion of Permanence

The Illusion of Permanence

It is not impermanence that makes us suffer.  What makes us suffer is wanting things to be permanent when they are not. Thich Nat Han Everything in our world is impermanent. Yet, we try to live as though it is permanent. Another way to put this is that we “pretend”...

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