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Unlimited Psychology, LLC was created to help people see beyond what they believe are their limitations.  In the process I discovered a framework of illusions, or false beliefs that most of us have accepted without question.  This was the beginning of the Living Beyond Life Addictions™ Course.   These stuck places act as pathways, or channels that also contain the keys, or potential for us to unlock energy that has been trapped in deception through false beliefs.  These pathways can instead be opened to freedom and wholeness.  The time has come for us to take a deeper look at how the way we live creates distance from our true selves. In fact it’s simple, but may not feel easy at first, to create a life that is based on being true to ourselves versus doing what we think we need to do to survive.  We Have The Power to Transform Any Negative Emotion!

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I write A Monthly Newsletter that can help people identify where they are Under the Influence of  Life Addictions. We look at the main areas of life where we may feel vulnerable to losing ourselves rather than living in alignment with our true selves; how we make and spend money,  our health, relationships, Peace of mind, and take we take a new view on our relationship to time.  I encourage you a Take Your Power back in all of these key areas.

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You Are Intrinsically Healthy

There are no diagnoses with this method.    There is nothing “wrong” with you    We free energy caught up in the disparity between who we truly are and how we live.   We can learn to no longer “leave ourselves” in order to “make it” in the world

You Find Your own Answers

The days of someone else knowing you or what you need better than you know yourself are gone!

Discover, Reclaim Your Wholeness…It is already here…NOW

You are the creator of your life.  There is some new age mythology here as well.  Life can be a trap society has placed us in.  Open the trap door and Free yourself from the pressures of having to conform.

Emerging From the Confines of “should”

Make your life something that is in alignment rather than living in synch with ideas that do not support who you are.

Synchronicity and The Illusion of Time

Many people have told me they do not like the word “illusion.” I have explored other words and found that the word illusion is really the best word for what I am attempting to describe. Yesterday I was looking at the word illusion again, and what came up in a search was a post in reddit.com/askphilosphy. Someone was sharing their opinion that anyone who is talking about the illusion of time needs to explain what they mean or they are just trying to sound smart. I can see what this person means. However, in my experience there is much we can do to notice that time is an illusion without any intellectual discourse at all. And that is through direct experience. We can, and do indeed have experiences that are beyond the illusion of time. I think everyone has had periods where they felt time passed much more quickly than they had anticipated, or much more slowly.   We could say that that is a matter of perspective and not a demonstration of the time being an illusion. That may be, but the purpose of Unlimited Psychology is to assist us in shifting our focus.  Acknowledging scientific discoveries that say that time is an illusion, and exploring that for ourselves is one example of this. Have you ever fallen asleep, then when you woke up thought it was the next morning? Most of us have experience this at least once and may have even got out of bed got dressed and may have even started to leave ,or even actually left our homes to go wherever it is that we... read more

The Illusion of Responsibility

As I write this post I am in the midst of letting go of a layer of conditioning that has kept me bundled up in guilt, blame and shame.   The belief that “it’s all my fault, it’s my responsibility.”  “Beating yourself up” is another way to refer to this illusion, or at least a side effect of believing in it.  These false beliefs may develop in childhood when we take on the burden of something that couldn’t possibly be our fault, but we try to fix things in our world in an attempt to feel better and make others in our lives feel better too.  We may simply be unaware of the option to just be, to just let things be, and to just be ourselves.  We might be vulnerable to this because of “past life” predisposition, or we may incorporate our parents inability to just be or let things be as they are, or other reasons.  In essence, we take on a sense of responsibility for others and for things that just are not within our control.  We could also call this codependence, but the illusion of responsibility can be even more toxic, convincing, all encompassing, invasive and downright debilitating!  The good news is that we can live beyond it!  Especially when we do not try to make it go away, paradoxically, the illusion of responsibility begins to loose its grip on us. (If  you wish you can Get a Free Report which Reveals 3 Tones of Empowerment by joining our email list when you click the purple box at the bottom of this post.)   In much the same way... read more

Empowerment is Natural

Transforming Self-Doubt can be central to other big and happy changes in how we view ourselves and the world. Sometimes it only takes a little shift in perspective to trigger a whole domino effect of change in our view of ourselves.  I had one along time ago when I was in a destructive relationship.   The man I was involved with said I was screaming at him.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that I wasn’t screaming, or even raising my voice,  but I was saying something he did not want to hear.  I checked with people who were in the same house and they confirmed it.  They hadn’t even heard me talking, let alone screaming.  I was prepared to apologize!  I learned more and more as time went on that self-doubt was not a necessary or helpful way to look at myself.  Being willing to be wrong is easier, and much more effective than just doubting ourselves.  A simple course correction is easy when we see we are wrong about something.  Doubt is not required!  Openness to something beyond being right or wrong is a healthier and much more effective approach to life!  It also makes us feel freer to explore possibilities rather than clamp down on ourselves with doubt.  This brings me to the title of this blog.  Empowerment is natural!  When we simply allow ourselves to be, there is no need for doubt and we can make a course correction if we need to based on learning new information, finding a great resource, finding a supportive and complementary mentor, etc.  This can take some practice... read more

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