Even though I have a non-traditional education based on Buddhist philosophy, I still became dissatisfied with traditional psychology once I began to work as a counselor,  Diagnosing people and/or using cognitive behavioral therapy often does not help them create lasting change  It often does not lead to an increase in quality of life or to a resolution of peoples’ “issues.”   As I continued to study both beyond the 12 step programs I participated in and my education in psychology, I began to see the sages of the East as the real originators of psychology. They had already seen past the human condition to states far beyond what Western psychology seems to think possible.  The key seems to be that Eastern traditions de-emphasize the human ego rather than try to build it up as in Western psychology. All speak of the world as Maya or an illusion, and Samsara as the object of our perception.  When we are under the illusion of Maya, it seems as though samsara or the world is reality.  When we try to change this reality by changing our ego or our minds or our thinking we may have some success but suffering continues.  The sages of the East seem to have a much easier time.  They experience happiness and peace and joy that seem inaccessible when we simply try to change our thoughts using traditional psychology.   A quote from Silence of the Heart, Dialogues with Robert Adams illustrates this perfectly.

“So there are two ways of seeing this world. One is Maya, the grand illusion. You want nothing to do with this. This is what creates problems. This appears to create animosity (hatred), sorrow. But then there is the real world. The world of the Self. The world of Bliss. The world of total joy, unalloyed peace ad happiness. This is what you really are. This is your real nature, you swarupa. You have always been this, and you will always be this. Forget about the past. Do not worry about the future. Have total faith, total joy, in yourself. Only when you can understand yourself as All-Pervading Consciousness can you possibly understand that all the universe is an emanation of your mind. Everything you see comes out of you.”

During meditation, I slowly began to notice seven main illusions. As I explored this further, I realized we tend to give energy to these illusions leaving us feeling depleted. When we engage with the world by objectifying our reality (Samara), we can become trapped into thinking and living in ways that are not supportive. I call them addictions not to be harsh or judgmental but to point toward how much we give our power away to illusion. Addiction and illusion have a lot in common. When we are “addicted,” we are under the illusion that something or substance or activity fulfills us. It may appear to satisfy us at times or for a time, but eventually, not only does it fail us, but we are left feeling empty and lost. I settled on the term Life Addictions® because we tend to think we get fulfillment or satisfaction from the world that we only genuinely get from within ourselves.

I began to explore these illusions and how they seem to take hold in our lives. I quickly realized I only saw the problem or the issue at hand, but I had not fully identified a solution or remedy. At first, I was frustrated, but then I was introduced to The Sedona Method® (TSM). As some of you may already know, it has become the primary system I use to teach people how to live beyond Life Addictions®. TSM is a powerfully simple set of tools we can use to help us reconnect with the naturalness of simply being. And in that natural state, we find that changeless awareness that all illusion appears in or on. We begin to explore the Ultimate Solution, as many saints and sages call it. We use words to refer to things beyond words which can get tricky, but luckily TSM has developed useful and effective questions to assist us in this process.

“The real addiction we all have is to suffering.”

Hale Dwoskin,

creator of The Sedona Method®

I went through a stage where I thought the Living Beyond Life Addictions system was useless after discovering TSM. Now I am revisiting that conclusion and finding value in this approach, especially when combined with TSM as the solution or primary tool to see beyond all illusion. Awareness itself, when it shines its light upon any illusion, will take care of releasing any trapped energy on its own.  That Awareness is always here and available to us.  We simply need to uncover it!

Thank you for being willing to explore living beyond the illusions that have kept you from having the freedom you would like to have in your life!

I look forward to working with you!


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