Synchronicity and The Illusion of Time

Synchronicity and The Illusion of Time

Many people have told me they do not like the word “illusion.” I have explored other words and found that the word illusion is really the best word for what I am attempting to describe. Yesterday I was looking at the word illusion again, and what came up in a search was a post in Someone was sharing their opinion that anyone who is talking about the illusion of time needs to explain what they mean or they are just trying to sound smart. I can see what this person means. However, in my experience there is much we can do to notice that time is an illusion without any intellectual discourse at all. And that is through direct experience. We can, and do indeed have experiences that are beyond the illusion of time. I think everyone has had periods where they felt time passed much more quickly than they had anticipated, or much more slowly.   We could say that that is a matter of perspective and not a demonstration of the time being an illusion. That may be, but the purpose of Unlimited Psychology is to assist us in shifting our focus.  Acknowledging scientific discoveries that say that time is an illusion, and exploring that for ourselves is one example of this. Have you ever fallen asleep, then when you woke up thought it was the next morning? Most of us have experience this at least once and may have even got out of bed got dressed and may have even started to leave ,or even actually left our homes to go wherever it is that we had planned to go the next morning!   These experiences are common. How about a time when you were just sure you were on time, but you were either completely late or very early? Most of us have had those experiences too.  Then they are those that we just can’t comprehend, such as arriving 3 hours earlier than we were supposed to on a long road trip. Or making a deadline you just knew you weren’t going to make because your work just flowed out of you. It may have appeared that time was suspended ,or simply not operating at all.   It is these experiences that assist us in seeing that we can allow ourselves to have experiences outside of time. We can take advantage of the fact that time is an illusion and simply allow that to be!

As I re-read the comments from the website I mentioned, I found myself sitting in a whirlwind of synchronicity about time being an illusion. What had triggered me to search the word illusion was the movie The Illusionist was on television.  As I already said, I felt guided to once again simply explore why people were saying they did not “like that word.”   I had not even been thinking about time! As time came up in my search of the word illusion, it almost immediately became a subject in the film that I had on in the background. Time seemed to be taking on a life of it’s own and speaking about it’s own illusory nature. Or more accurately I felt I was being shown that I do not need to be able to explain this with the mind because experience can demonstrate it much more effectively and effeortlessly. I felt like I was sitting in a mini vortex transcending space and time! These sorts of things happen to all of us more often that we notice. There are no “answers” here for us about what time is and how it appears to be locked into place, or at least none that satisfy the mind.  But the exploration was clearly being supported as I sat in amazement of the synchronicity occurring.  And that is the main premise of Unlimited Psychology.  It began because I noticed the occasions when I did not listen to “my” intuition.   Things did not go well at those times.   But then I wondered if I could reach a point where I could listen to, or follow that guidance continuously. I wondered if it was possible to actually live this way as opposed to making “mistakes” or simply trying to “figure things out,” and feeling unfulfilled as a result.  Even for smart people, the mind can only do so much.  It can be amazing, but it isn’t capable of understanding or comprehending some of the most rewarding experiences in life.   For instance why you might be guided to one place versus another, or what might be the reason that you prefer the smell of lavender versus lilac. Some of this is explainable through conditioning, but how about why you might feel guided to turn left when you intended to turn right? Sometimes these “feelings” are what I have experienced as true, or reliable guidance that the mind is not capable of grasping.  And, they do tend to occur “outside of time.”

From another perspective I have begun to feel more and more shut down, limited and down right trapped since I began a to work a full time job.  I have also noticed that this ”schedule” may also create, or allow for a focus dominated by time.  I used to make a lot more money when I worked for myself and did not have to be anywhere at 8 am.  So why am I doing this then?  Maybe only because I feel lost in “not knowing” how to successfully launch this business.  And I feel dragged down by debts that I would like to have paid off.  There is another solution!  Although it may not be what you thought you wanted, the solution I have found is to let go of wanting to know, to let go of wanting to understand, and to let go of wanting to control, or be controlled.  This is one of the biggest benefits I have found with using a technique called The Sedona Method®.  It transcends space and time and can assist us in letting go of tendencies and desires.  When we identify with our tendencies and desires, when we think that is who and what we are, we limit ourselves.  Referring to ourselves and/or thinking of ourselves as being locked into linear time tends to occur through memory (identification with the past) or our projections of what we think or anticipate is going to happen in the future.  My experience with this technique is that when we let go of this identification, we find that we are already free.  We already transcend space and time, and we already know what we need to know.  It may take some practice, but this is not learning something new.  It is very simply put unlearning illusions that we have been conditioned to believe in.  I feel so fortunate to have found this technique!  As I was developing Unlimited Psychology and seeing, or being shown the Life Addictions™ Course, I realized I may have come up with a clever philosophy, but no solution!  Fortunately I discovered that task had already been accomplished so I had no need to attempt to develop a solution. The Sedona Method® addresses all illusion perfectly and shows us our true nature as we simply drop, or let go of our tendencies and desires and find that the freedom we have been searching for is already here, already now, already who and what we truly are!

Needless to say all individual sessions, webinars or classes are now being offered using The Sedona Method®. Unlimited Psychology, Living Beyond Life Addictions™ Course is just a start. What it does offer is a way to look at ourselves and how we live without having to diagnosis a “disorder,” and instead look through what all of us do to limit ourselves and let it go!

Please share your questions or comments about experience beyond space and time and anything else! We will get back to you and please stay tuned for our upcoming free webinar in January!

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