“Act like you have all the time in the world

but do things as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Lester Levenson 

We have all had experiences that are beyond time and space. We may have had periods where we felt time passed much more quickly than anticipated or much more slowly.   Maybe we have fallen asleep and awakened, thinking it was the next morning or not knowing where we are.  Most of us have experienced this at least once! These experiences are common. How about an experience when you were just sure you were on time, but you were either completely late or very early? Most of us have had those experiences too.  Some are more incomprehensible, such as arriving 3 hours earlier than we were supposed to on a long road trip. Or making a deadline you just knew you weren’t going to make because your work just flowed through you. It may have appeared that time was suspended or not operating at all.   These experiences outside of time and space make it clear that time and space are indeed illusions.  These sorts of things happen to all of us more often than we notice.

A quote from Paramahansa Yogananda explains this illusion further:

      Time is not actually divided into the present, past, and future.  Only one time is real:  the eternal present. Time only appears to be divided into past, present, and future by God’s maya…Because of the phenomenon of change and death, our limited human perception has divided eternity into time–in relation to our own changing existence.   God is conscious only of the eternal present, for He never dies. 

   There is no space, only an illusion of space.  All forces can stay at one point or expand everywhere.  The universe is a motion picture of circling stars and planets moving in our limitless consciousness.  One consciousness dreams everything, including all creation.  Therefore, the smaller and bigger planets, and the largest and the tiniest of objects in this dream, having no dimension and occupying no space, cannot collide.  The cosmos consists of dreams; that is why there is no space, no container, nor anything to be contained.  There is only the Dreamer.  Reason this way constantly, and you will be free from the delusions of space and time. 





When I worked full time, I began to feel shut down, limited and downright trapped.  I noticed that this ”schedule” might have also created a focus dominated by time.  I used to make a lot more money when I worked for myself and did not have to be anywhere at 8 am.  So why do this?  Maybe only because I feel lost in “not knowing” how to launch this business successfully.   There is another solution!  The solution found in TSM is to let go of wanting to know or understand.    This is one of the biggest benefits I have found using The Sedona Method®.  It transcends space and time and can assist us in letting go of our tendencies and desires.  When we identify with our tendencies and desires, we limit ourselves when we think that is who and what we are.  Referring to ourselves and/or thinking of ourselves as being locked into linear time tends to occur through memory (identification with the past) or our projections of what we think or anticipate will happen in the future.  My experience with this technique is that when we let go of this identification or the illusion of separation, we have the chance to see that we are already free.  We already transcend space and time, and we already know what we need to know.  It may take some practice, but this is not learning something new.  It is very simply put unlearning illusions that we have been conditioned to believe in.  I feel so fortunate to have found this technique!  As I was developing Unlimited Psychology and seeing, or being shown, the Life Addictions™ Course, I realized I might have come up with a clever philosophy, but no solution!  Fortunately, I discovered that TSM had already accomplished the task.  I did not need to attempt to develop a solution. The Sedona Method® addresses all illusions perfectly.   It shows us our true nature as we drop or let go of our tendencies and desires.  We find that the freedom we have been searching for is already here, already now, already who and what we truly are!

Needless to say, all individual sessions, webinars, or classes are now being offered using The Sedona Method®. Unlimited Psychology, Living Beyond Life Addictions™ Course is just a start. It offers a way to look at ourselves and how we live without the need to diagnose a “disorder,” but instead, look through what we do to limit ourselves and let it go!


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