This is a new approach to counseling and coaching….let’s agree not use that psychotherapy word OK…When broken up the word psychotherapist reads psycho-the-rapist!  We are breaking free from the limitations that no longer serve us so lets go of that word too!  The words counseling and coaching don’t do this program justice either  but we have to have some way to communicate so here goes!  Really people are amazing and life is a magical transformational journey.  We’ve been led to believe we are not so amazing and not so capable but the truth is we are!  And getting the hang of living in ways that support life are not as hard as we think.  Conditioning has been leading us down the wrong path.  Moments in life occur that show us we are more than we realize. Here are some examples…have you ever thought of a brilliant solution to something you thought was unsolvable…in the shower!  I know I have!  How about just a simple Ahah moment that seemed to come from nowhere?  We’ve all had those!  Or a dream that shows you a different way of looking at something in your life that had you stumped.  Road trips or other types of travel can also ignite seemingly out of the blue solutions to “problems.”  In fact what if these problems weren’t really even problems at all!  What if we saw them as puzzles with solutions that are coming…they are on their way to us…NOW!

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