We CAN Transform Self-Doubt or Any Negative Emotion!

First lets begin by “reclassifying” negative emotions.   We were never meant to hold onto emotions.  Have you ever heard the saying E-motions are Energy-In-Motion?  This means emotions will move through us if we allow them.  This requires us to develop new habits of letting go.  And for some crazy reason we do tend to hang on to the more negative emotions which makes them seem even worse!  Self-Doubt is one of the more disempowering or toxic states of mind.   Some people are the type that want others to doubt themselves so they can feel better about themselves, manipulate others, take advantage of others or just to be dominant.  We do need to take good care of ourselves by setting clear boundaries and making sure we have little to no contact with such people but sometimes that’s impossible, or we make mistakes, or life brings us yet another person who shows us where we are vulnerable.  This is all OK.  I know it hurts and can be very challenging. But we can recover and we can transform self-doubt as well as any other negative emotion.  We can start by looking at some basics.

Most of us live in states of mind that are less than empowering.  One of the primary reasons for this is conditioning.  For instance, some people think there is a “God” that will punish them if they step into a new place of trusting themselves because then they won’t be accepting “God’s Authority.”  Personally, I don’t believe god is “out there” separate from us.  I believe we are part of an Infinite Universe that supports us.   “It’s an Inside Job”  is a saying originated in Alcoholics Anonymous, but has now been widely used throughout many teachings.  Bruce Lipton , the famous cell biologist says says “the function of the mind is to create coherence between beliefs and reality.”  What this means is that are all capable of experiencing reality differently by changing our minds!  We can also trick ourselves into seeing  a world that is out to get us, or one that is in support of us, and anything in between (there are many other options too).  I once attended a lecture by Donald Epstein the creator of Network Chiropractic.  He said “You’re going to have a story, so you might as well make it a good one.”  At the time I thought this sounded like a good idea, but now I wonder what life can be like without a story at all!  Now that takes some practice!

I am offering 3 Tones of Empowerment as a free report to download by clicking on the button above.  When we use these 3 Tones–Balance, Authenticity and Resilience–they can help us heal.  When we really take them to heart and integrate them into our lives they are powerful alone.  But, when we combine them with The Life Addictions™ Course we see we have even more opportunity to unleash energy we have kept trapped in secret hiding places, hidden from even ourselves.  Please remember the word “addiction” is not meant to imply that you are doing anything “wrong.”  This program is about being kind to yourself not judging or berating yourself for things you think you’ve done wrong.  We do, however, have chemical habits that aren’t supportive.  And, We are All Waking UP!  And, as you will see if you follow these posts, addiction was a blessing for me, not a “disease,” but instead dis-ease I have transformed.  We all have chemical habits we produce through ingesting a substance, other behaviors we engage in consistently, or how we think!  We can change the chemical habits in our systems by changing our minds.  Seeing my substance abuse, and changing those habits made my quality of life improve dramatically!  Seeing these more subtle ways in which we misuse the mind that trap energy by setting up chemical habits can be easier than getting sober from drugs and alcohol, or it might be harder to keep it up because its more subtle.  The living beyond Life Addictions™ Course is something I want to offer anyone who truly wants to learn.  In addition, The  Life Addictions™ Course offers a way to enhance our lives by freeing energy trapped in illusion.  They each overlap and they are the overarching, or predominant illusions we engage in.  Acknowledging this can free us from falsehoods.  So here they are in list form:

  1. The Illusion of Control
  2. The Illusion of Permanence
  3. The Illusion of Separation
  4. The Illusion of Time
  5. The Illusion of Truth
  6. The Illusion of Responsibility
  7. The Illusion of Subservience


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