This illusion might be one of the easier to identify. We have all had experiences where we thought we were in charge only to discover that we had little or no control whatsoever! Becoming trapped in the illusion of control is a pretty standard human experience. Some people fight it more than others, which can add layer upon layer of grasping or contracting in our attempts to control things we simply cannot. We also have times or situations that might bring up more, often futile attempts at control. The good news is that we can see through this illusion and begin to find the areas where we do have some control. Another way to put this is, “when we let go of ‘wanting’ control, we feel more in control.” Hale Dwoskin

Most of the time, we don’t have a lot of say over how life goes. Coming to terms with this or reaching a point of acceptance with it can help! Those times when we are going with the flow are when we feel best. Even when things do not go the way we would have chosen, life can turn out better than we could have imagined! Being “open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised” is one question used in The Sedona Method® that is an excellent remedy for the illusion of control. Control is also one of the primary wants we release using the Sedona Method. As previously discussed, I outlined this system, and then I found out about The Sedona Method®. TSM the most elegant and effective way to open us to life beyond illusions. TSM is also the primary remedy or solution used to help us see through and live beyond the seven life addictions.

One of the antonyms for control is freedom. Before looking this up, I thought that “out of control” or “chaos” might be the main antonym, but when I saw space, freedom, and release, I realized that control doesn’t have a lot of substance. I began to see it as just a concept or a distorted coping mechanism. In other words, I was starting to see through the illusion of control. Using The Sedona Method®, we let go of “wanting” control. TSM is the best method I have found for seeing through the illusion of control and living beyond the need for control. When we see through the illusion, it may still arise or appearing real again, but it gives us an effective method to let go of the “wanting” and then discover a state beyond the illusion of control. When we surrender to what is beyond the illusion of control, life becomes much more pleasant and enjoyable!


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