“You cannot know the truth. You can only BE the truth.”

Lester Levenson

“The truth shall set you free” is a popular quote from the bible many have used to express or bring to light things that have been overlooked or ignored. On the relative level, yes, there are things that we need to address that have been suppressed or pushed aside that, as a culture and species.  However, the Ultimate Truth, or that we truly are, simply is. The illusion of truth can manifest as us believing we have access to the truth and others do not. When it comes to personal preferences, of course, this is true.   But even relative truth, or those things that happen in the world, are not one way. People can see things from very different perspectives, and both can be right!

Seeing through this illusion can help us to start to see beyond “right and wrong,” “good and bad,” and other polarities as well. When we tap into the Ultimate Truth, as many saints and sages call it, we can begin to experience what Lester meant. This Ultimate Truth, or Absolute Reality, is beyond the human perspective. It is beyond duality or even beyond the mind.   However, it is not beyond our ability to simply BE the truth. We can get a sense of simply being rather than knowing. In this beingness or the Natural State, as it is called, that the truth reveals itself beyond words. When we continue to open to truth itself, we may not even have our own words to describe our experience. In the early years of The Sedona Method®, Lester talked about “reasoning from the truth.” At least part of what he meant was that looking at life AS Awareness, Beingness, or Truth can positively impact our bodies and lives. We can more easily connect with an inner sense that “all is well and everything is unfolding exactly as it should, just as it is.”   Now, this does not mean that we won’t take action. In fact, the more we explore this, we may find that if there is something appropriate to be done, we may find ourselves simply doing it without any thought or planning. Or we may have an insight or idea and immediately see it as a helpful piece of the puzzle. This is an example of the mind becoming helpful rather than interfering. When the mind functions “in service” versus as “the boss” or leader, that is when it transforms into the “higher mind” or simply becomes helpful or discerning rather than an interference.

In this system, we explore this together experientially, not just think about it or discuss it philosophically. No one person can tell you what the benefits or positive side effects will be for you.   Together we will use this system to explore what possible for you and simply sit back and watch how life shifts in response to releasing and seeing through these illusions. The results are often much more positive than we could have imagined! Things we haven’t even addressed might take care of themselves.


As always, I look forward to being with you as you open to unlimited possibilities!


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