How could we possibly make that kind of a change?  Well it’s easier that you might think!  In fact I’m finding its one of those things that is so easy it seems hard….What?  We just get used to trying too hard that it takes an adjustment to just let things be easier is what I really mean.  The truth is there is evidence all around us that shows us we can trust our intuition all the time!.  Have you ever had a feeling and you listened and then realized you avoided,  let’s say, a car accident? That is just one of the stories I’ve heard when asking people about this topic.   And of course its one of the more obvious and easy to notice, but what about the more subtle things, like say when you forgot to get chill powder at the grocery store but then you open the cupboard and the very first thing you see right in front of you is chili powder!!  That just happened to me the other day!  But I did make a commitment some time ago to start looking for evidence of intuition at work.   I had some experiences when I did NOT listen to my intuition and boy was that a bad idea!  Sometimes those experiences can really show us that our intuition is correct though, so I am glad it happened a lot, or at least enough to get my attention.  It led me to just keep testing it.  Lately there have been some real miracles that seem to pop out of nowhere.  I even started to think I was “making” things happen.  hahah  But now I have begun to see that I was just getting a little sign or a little feeling and when I follow it things happen that make life a little easier.  In fact I’ve started to think its much easier to “go with the flow” when I make listening to my intuition a priority.   Slowing down sure doesn’t hurt either.  Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?    When we speed through life we miss an awful lot even if it feel like we are more productive.

The bottom line is this….The real illusion is that there is NO reason to doubt yourself.  It’s backward conditioning, that’s all.  I know it can feel so real, believe me, I’ve been there too, but it is NOT!!!  I can say this with great confidence now.  I don’t always feel confident, but I know its not real when I feel self-doubt.

Please give yourself a break and start looking for evidence of the support that exists within and around you all the time, part of which is in the form of intuition…

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