Hello and Welcome to our latest blog post!   Although many of us do get caught in the trap of self-doubt, or we get stuck in not-so-supportive states, we also have the capacity to embrace and live in a state of freedom even while we are still learning to adapt to life without doubting ourselves.  Self-Doubt is a state that can mirror addiction.  However, the most important purpose of this work is to come to peace with our current level of development, not to make our states of mind “wrong.”  The time has come for us to learn to accept where we are, even those things we find “unacceptable.”  There are tremendous gifts in the areas we find “bad” or “negative” that we miss when we allow our consciousness to be locked into duality.  These are parts of us we have decided that are “bad” and must be buried or hidden or kept from the light.  When we breathe and allow what is to be, we open the door to miracles and find we can transform self-doubt.  In fact, it is one of my favorite realizations that we can actually trust ourselves to the same degree that we have self-doubt!  I’m finding it to be true more and more!!  So click the purple button to download the 3 Tones of Empowerment and get the new year started by turning your perspective around to embrace your true nature!