The Illusion of Responsibility

The Illusion of Responsibility

As I write this post I am in the midst of letting go of a layer of conditioning that has kept me bundled up in guilt, blame and shame.   The belief that “it’s all my fault, it’s my responsibility.”  “Beating yourself up” is another way to refer to this illusion, or at least a side effect of believing in it.  These false beliefs may develop in childhood when we take on the burden of something that couldn’t possibly be our fault, but we try to fix things in our world in an attempt to feel better and make others in our lives feel better too.  We may simply be unaware of the option to just be, to just let things be, and to just be ourselves.  We might be vulnerable to this because of “past life” predisposition, or we may incorporate our parents inability to just be or let things be as they are, or other reasons.  In essence, we take on a sense of responsibility for others and for things that just are not within our control.  We could also call this codependence, but the illusion of responsibility can be even more toxic, convincing, all encompassing, invasive and downright debilitating!  The good news is that we can live beyond it!  Especially when we do not try to make it go away, paradoxically, the illusion of responsibility begins to loose its grip on us.

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In much the same way an alcoholic gets sober we can stop doing this to ourselves. We can simply notice what is going on and experience the truth, that we are much more than this layer of falsehoods. In my experience this can be a tough layer to release. If it wasn’t for my experience with the Sedona Method® I am not sure I would be seeing through this as much as I am. This is the best technique I have found that can take us beyond this illusion. (or any other illusion for that matter.) So I am incorporating this method in my courses and individual sessions. Although I am licensed as a psychotherapist, I am finding that using the Sedona Method (which is not a psychotherapy technique) takes us directly into the realm of Unlimited Psychology.   Unlimited Psychology includes all of the Life Addictions™ Course, the 7 overarching illusions we tend to buy into, AND the boundless loving kindness toward ourselves and others, the intuition that is always there guiding us, and realms of consciousness beyond words.  There are even realms of consciousness available to all of us that are beyond beliefs!  These realms are always allowing for the ever-present force of being-ness that does not need us to believe it in order to exist. As much as this may sound esoteric, it presents us with the solution to the angst that arises when we believe in the illusion of responsibility.  The experiences that I have had have led me to realize that this can be a core illusion to let go of on the path to living a lifestyle with a much higher quality of life. Another way to say this more simply is that we block our own quality of life unnecessarily by believing we are responsible for things we are not!  In fact the whole concept of responsibility can be a trap when we believe in it as opposed to just taking care of ourselves, and the things that need to be addressed in life.  As they say in 12 step groups, just “do what’s in front of you.” (On the flip side, the pressure of the illusion of responsibility can lead some people to avoid things that need to be addressed but that is a topic for another post!)

I began to see that letting go of beating myself up as I let go of this core layer of false beliefs, was simply part of the process. First I had to let go of beating myself up for beating myself up!!  Haha  Then things began to shift. This is a work in progress for me but it is loosening up more and more each day and each moment that I allow it to. I am finding an increase in energy and an overall feeling of well-being beginning to take over where an old worn out sense of responsibility used to exist. My focus is shifting to the peace that is available to all of us all of the time.  This shift is possible for anyone who wishes to experience it and is available at all times despite any thoughts we may have to the contrary. This is the best news of all!!

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