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Unlimited Psychology, LLC was created to help people see beyond what they believe are their limitations.  In the process I discovered a framework of illusions, or false beliefs that most of us have accepted without question.  This was the beginning of the Living Beyond Life Addictions™ Course.   These stuck places act as pathways, or channels that also contain the keys, or potential for us to unlock energy that has been trapped in deception through false beliefs.  These pathways can instead be opened to freedom and wholeness.  The time has come for us to take a deeper look at how the way we live creates distance from our true selves. In fact it’s simple, but may not feel easy at first, to create a life that is based on being true to ourselves versus doing what we think we need to do to survive.  We Have The Power to Transform Any Negative Emotion!

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I write A Monthly Newsletter that can help people identify where they are Under the Influence of  Life Addictions. We look at the main areas of life where we may feel vulnerable to losing ourselves rather than living in alignment with our true selves; how we make and spend money,  our health, relationships, Peace of mind, and take we take a new view on our relationship to time.  I encourage you a Take Your Power back in all of these key areas.

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You Are Intrinsically Healthy

There are no diagnoses with this method.    There is nothing “wrong” with you    We free energy caught up in the disparity between who we truly are and how we live.   We can learn to no longer “leave ourselves” in order to “make it” in the world

You Find Your own Answers

The days of someone else knowing you or what you need better than you know yourself are gone!

Discover, Reclaim Your Wholeness…It is already here…NOW

You are the creator of your life.  There is some new age mythology here as well.  Life can be a trap society has placed us in.  Open the trap door and Free yourself from the pressures of having to conform.

Emerging From the Confines of “should”

Make your life something that is in alignment rather than living in synch with ideas that do not support who you are.

Transform Self-Doubt Into Trust In Your Intuition!

How could we possibly make that kind of a change?  Well it’s easier that you might think!  In fact I’m finding its one of those things that is so easy it seems hard….What?  We just get used to trying too hard that it takes an adjustment to just let things be easier is what I really mean.  The truth is there is evidence all around us that shows us we can trust our intuition all the time!.  Have you ever had a feeling and you listened and then realized you avoided,  let’s say, a car accident? That is just one of the stories I’ve heard when asking people about this topic.   And of course its one of the more obvious and easy to notice, but what about the more subtle things, like say when you forgot to get chill powder at the grocery store but then you open the cupboard and the very first thing you see right in front of you is chili powder!!  That just happened to me the other day!  But I did make a commitment some time ago to start looking for evidence of intuition at work.   I had some experiences when I did NOT listen to my intuition and boy was that a bad idea!  Sometimes those experiences can really show us that our intuition is correct though, so I am glad it happened a lot, or at least enough to get my attention.  It led me to just keep testing it.  Lately there have been some real miracles that seem to pop out of nowhere.  I even started to think I was... read more

Start the New Year By Transforming Self-Doubt!!

Hello and Welcome to our latest blog post!   Although many of us do get caught in the the trap of self-doubt, or we get stuck in not so supportive states, we also have the capacity to embrace and live in a state of freedom even while we are still learning to adapt to life without doubting ourselves.  Self-Doubt is a state that can mirror addiction.  However the most important purpose of this work is to come to peace with our current level of development, not to make our states of mind “wrong.”  The time has come for us to learn to accept where we are, even those things we find “unacceptable.”  There are tremendous gifts in the areas we find “bad” or “negative” that we miss when we allow our consciousness to be locked into duality.  These are parts of us we have decided that are “bad” and must be buried or hidden, or kept from the light.  When we simply breath and allow what is to be, we open the door to miracles and find we can transform self-doubt.  In fact it is one of my favorite realizations that we can actually trust ourselves to the same degree that we have self-doubt!  I know this might sound weird but I’m finding it to be true more and more!!  So click the purple button to download the 3 Tones of Empowerment and get the new year started by turning your perspective around to embrace your true nature! Click to Get Your Free... read more

Is Violence Human Nature?

No…Peace is Natural! My mother taught French.  She traveled to France many times until she became fluent in French so she could be a better teacher, and because she loved studying languages .  Once she was even mistaken as a Parisian by tourists!  As far as the stereotype of French snobbery, I never once experienced it, EVER!  Of course my mother taught me to ask if someone spoke English and we always tried to learn new words anywhere we traveled.   When I think  of the violence that occurred in Paris and the way that travel to France has enriched my life and my mothers life, I cringe at the fact that another attack has occurred, and even more so at the fact that it was in Paris, a place that is a pinnacle of cultural and intellectual development.  As far as the question of violence being a part of human nature, I still say “no” adamantly!  Why then do we see so much violence in the world?  It is my perspective that for those of us that do not have a mental or character disorder it is not natural to be violent.  (In fact it isn’t natural for most people with mental or character disorders to be violent either.)   What brings about rage and hatred that some are willing to act upon?  Part of it comes from an unspoken or unacknowledged disparity, or the space between who we truly are and how we are “expected” to live.  Fundamentalist thinking can be a strong pull away from our true nature.  Clearly for some people this means learning to... read more

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